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How to distinguish the good and the bad of the slide rail?

How to distinguish the good and the bad of the slide rail?


Underpinning type features: hidden in the drawer at the bottom of the track, durable, sliding friction, no noise, can be self closing.Ball rail features: smooth sliding, easy installation, very durable. The special structure of the track matches with the precision steel ball slide rail to ensure the stability. It can be mounted directly to the side plate or plugged in or mounted into the groove of the side panel of the drawer (slot 17 or 27mm), and their specifications are (mm) 250300350400450500550600. In addition, there are many special tracks, such as frame rails, table tops, ball bearings, rails and so on.
Drawer slide: drawer is beautiful, is a personal preference, and function and life depends on the slide. Drawer slide material is iron or galvanized with paint. Commonly used are: two a half day underpinning type, section three, full extension. Steel ball, two half, three full out.
Rail is one of the most important hardware in the cabinet hardware, its importance after hinge, cabinet companies to use rail status and ratio similar to the hinge, about 95% of the cabinet companies are using poor guide price low. In comparison, the distinction between superiority and inferiority is not made in terms of appearance or usage. The main difference is that the material, principle, structure, equipment, production processes and other differences arising from the same.
The purchase of hardware function, first to carefully observe the appearance of the process is rough, and then his hands folded several times to see whether the sliding switch freely, whether there are abnormal noise, and the grade of furniture is not matched, and then hand a weigh weight, like products, heavy products relatively good materials, as far as possible a long history of business, well-known manufacturers of products.

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