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How to ensure the durability of drawer slide

How to ensure the durability of drawer slide


First, it is necessary to calculate the width of the drawer, and the width of the drawer has a great influence on the service life of the drawer slide rail. The two is to ensure the level of the slide installation, including the front and back levels and up and down levels. Three is the use of high-quality drawer slides, such as imported brands, Heidi poetry and other drawer slide.
Is the Italian three door refrigerator casarte Oh, winning in the German industrial design awards IF ~ ~ casarte are a variety of refrigerator drawer design, the United States imports slide Yagu pull and the German Heidi poem, strong and durable.
The first, of course, is to select good drawer slides;Second, if it is used in wooden drawers, please choose black galvanized track as far as possible;Third. Before you choose the track, look at the color of the zinc plating on the track, and the rigidity;Fourth, pay attention to the use of occasions (noise, dust, humidity, etc.).

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