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How to get a poop stain out of a rug?

I had my boss come over for dinner last night and his 15 year olD pooped on my rug and it stinks how can i get the stain out


try some diaper soaker .first try iit onsome part oof the rug that can't be seen in case it takes the colour of the rug out .then use it carefully ,not too much soaker.about half a cup in a litre of water get as much of the poop off as you can before you start then gently drawing the stain to the center from each side dab on the diaper soaker. you will need to put the soaker in some warm water. when you think you have got it cleaned up get a micro cotton towel and put it over the stain and stand on it .this will soak up most of the water .you may have to repeat this to get it all out .
Aug 23, 2017

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