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How to install a customized furniture drawer?

How to install a customized furniture drawer?


Drawer slide is divided into three parts: moving rail (internal rail), middle rail, fixed rail (external rail)Before the 4. slide is installed, the inner rail, that is, the movable rail, should be removed from the main body of the chute. Be careful not to damage the slide when it is disassembled. The disassembly method is simple. The circlip on the inner rail is pressed and the inner rail is removed.
Installation of the drawer can be divided into low drawer and drawer, drawer panel drawer box into low protruding outside and he served on not in a straight line in the drawer. The drawer panel of the inner drawer is also entered at the same time after the drawer is fully pushed into the box body, and can not stay outside.
For woodworking drawers that are made on the woodwork, it is important to install the drawer pulley. First of all, we should make sure that the drawer is confused with the track, determine the length of the drawer, and then select the size of the slide according to the corresponding specifications.
Notes for installation of drawer slides1, the first is the choice of the size, drawer slides generally and the drawer pull length should be the length of the general, if the slide is too short, so it is not up to the maximum of the drawer open, if too long, cause cannot be installed.2, the drawer slide, the installation is relatively simple a thing, the key is how to remove, in some drawer slide to open map, have removed the steps in detail, through these steps can be removed well, so that if the time to install, you can reverse thinking, from the split step reduction back, so you know how to install the drawer.
The outer rail and the middle rail part of the split slideway are firstly arranged on both sides of the drawer box body, and then the inner rail is arranged on the side plate of the drawer. If it is finished furniture, in the drawer box and drawer side, there are manufacturers in advance to make a good hole, easy to install, if it is on-site production, you need to drill their own.

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