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How to insulate basement walls and ceiling with framing already there?

We are rennovating my basement. There was a drop ceiling and thin paneling on the walls. I took out the drop ceiling and the paneling. The main goal is to get an efficient way to heat the space. The house has radiator heating so I figured we could use the heat from the pipes as the main heating source.We will put in a new drop ceiling that stays above the pipes (exposing the pipes will heat the space). What kind of insulation is recommended for the new drop ceiling to keep the heat in? I was recommended either fiberglass or foam insulation.The framing on the walls is good and I would like to reuse. What type of insulation on the walls? We will be drywalling them. Once again, I was recommended fiberglass but to put a plastic barrier between the wall and insulation. What do you think?I am open to any suggestions.Thanks!


For the walls use fiberglass kraft faced(paper on one side) and no plastic or unfaced insulation with plastic. R-11 or R-13 for 2x4 walls. For the ceiling, I wouldn't bother with it. Instead add a radiator to the basement area and add a new pump and thermostat to create a new zone. Otherwise the basement would only be heated when some other area of the house needs more heat, this usually makes the basement too cold or too hot.

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