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How to learn a florence and the machine song:D?

Ok so anyway HI! I really need to learn a song by Florence and the machine called cosmic love! I LOVE IT! and I listen to it EVERYDAY since January! But I can only get the first verseAND THE CHORUS!!! There are like 1 or 2 verses left and then a bridge that's really long!I need to know cause Im singing it for my talent show and the audition are thi month probably or next in my schoolI'm Also an uh-mazing singer! I'm going for x factor in 2 years cause Im not 16 until then :/ and britains got talentWellllllllllll :/Please Amy techniques that'll make me memorise it and not slip up when I'm singing it!! I think the reason I can't remember it is cause Im only eve listening to pop and fast songs! ASK ME ANY KE$HA SONG AND I'LL KNOW IT!! :DSo sorry it's so.long haha:DPLEASE AND THANX U!


sing it bit by bitTake it slowly, so just go step by stepDo not move onto the next sentence until you know the previous one by heartRepeat this till you have learnt the song offThen you can focus on building emotion onto the song

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