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How to make a can that holds 850ml?

A popular soda distributor has just hired you to design a new package that is to be a larger version of the can they already useThe small can they already use holds 340ml of soda, has a radius of 6cm and hieght of 12cmFind the dimensions( radius and height) and the amount of aliminum needed to produce a can that will hold 850ml of sodaAny ideas how to do this?


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Minimum of aluminium to hold is is always r h/2 (simple proof by derivative)V Pi r^2 2r 2Pi r^3 850ml 2Pi r^3 r 11.01cm h 22.02cm S 2Pi r^2 + 2Pi r 2r 2Pi r(r + 2r) 6Pi r^2 2285cm^2
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