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How to make design on white rug?

Hi everyone, how do i take a plain white area rug and make a black floral design on it on parts of the rug? like on two corners and maybe a swirl or two in middle ? i know ive seen people use templates and literarly spray or paint over template to make design. then use a sealer or something i dont know :( help thank you


I did a design on an outdoor sisal type rug and it came out really nice. I used spray paint and sealed it with polyurethane. You can get the templates at a craft store or make one yourself. There might be a problem if there is a high pile on the carpet. The design might not have clean edges. You could try one section of it on the back of the rug. Or get a carpet remanent with a pile like you have on your white carpet to try. If the design does not have clear edges you might be able to touch it up with a tiny paintbrush. I don't think a dye (like Rit Dye) would work. It would run and make a mess. I think you would have to stick to a surface treatment only-like spray paint.
Aug 23, 2017

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