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How to melt glass with a propane torch?

So,i want to make a Anthony van Leeuwen microscope replica,and i need to make a 1-2 mm glass sphere.I have my torch ready,protective eyewear and gloves,but i am still reluctant to melt glass. Wont it shatter?Any tips on what glass to use?And to prevent shattering?


ok here is what u need to do..get a hacksaw bladeno handle just the blade. you are going to insert the blade inside the pipe and slice it down towrds the female threds of the radiator..u will need to so this twice about a 1/4apart so pick an easy location to accomplish this.once u think u have sliced thru the pipe twice use a flay head screw driver and a hammer to knock out the sliced piecethen using a pair of pliers squish in the renainding pipe and unsrew it.u may need a flashlight and lots of patience to get this job done even if u cut into the female threads on the radiator a little bit it will be ok
Apr 20, 2018
it could be construed as a dangerous weapon.so i doubt they are legal.especially in view of the fact somebody could walk past the car and get cut or impaled!
Apr 20, 2018
It would most likely explode from the pressure. Maybe not a bang explode but it would break.
Apr 20, 2018
The absolute easiest way is to soak overnight with Coca Cola every couple of hour before you go to bed drip a little on each of the fittings, and let it froth and foam use fresh Coke not flat
Apr 20, 2018

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