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how to obtain a real estate license in pennsylvania?

im looking for a legit real estate school, located in or near pittsburgh. please dont tell me to "google" it, im not looking for adds im looking for others knowledge, and advice. =] thankyou


Hello, $840.00 is very expensive for real estate school. Each state has different licensing requirements. The best way to find them are to search the department of real estate website for your individual state. I recently transferred my real estate license from california to missouri. Because I took so long I had to redo everything. My schooling cost $149.00. Even when I did my california license it was only $200.00. I would not take that deal. Also each individual department of real estate state will have approved school vendors listed on the website and you can choose from there and shop for prices. Also if you want to learn about all aspects of real estate there is a website called real estate encyclopedia. This website is constantly updated with indepth explanation of everything real estate.
Best way- fake one using Microsoft Word. Nobody checks the authenticity. Just make sure you frame it after you print it out. Good luck!

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