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How to soften stone like stool for the elderly constipation problem?

my granddad is having very hard stool for days and he has difficulty in passing stool.we have tried taking high-fiber diet, increased water intake etc all the normal stuff but it doesn't seem to be working?recently he had to use enima as well as finger to remove very hard quot;stonequot; like stool.he is having spinal problem so his movements are limited.what can be done to ensure that such stool doesn't form and how can i remove the already quot;stonequot; like stool???Thanks


He probably needs even more fibre than he is getting nowConstipation is often due to side effects from medication as well as an unhealthy diet with insufficient fiber Most people don't eat enough fiber Macro cereal gentle fibre, oat bran, linseed, Psyllium seeds, wheat germ, wheat bran, Chia seeds and Psyllium husks are very high fiber foods and there is also a lot of fiber in fruit and vegetables Both constipation and IBS as well as diarrhea can often be cured with liquid chlorophyll as in a web search for liquid chlorophyll + constipation + ibs Other natural ways to relieve constipation are covered in a web search for natural ways to relieve constipation Red meat can take up to 72 hours to go through the system so you are probably better off without it Cheese in large amounts can cause constipation as well.
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