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How to start Jewelcrafting Hobby ?

Hello everyone so I am a 17 year old guy I have a hobby of exploring new hobbies xD For now my only hobbies are : Guitar - Gym - A little bit of photographing - and sometimes cooking and I somehow liked the idea of starting to learn how to craft jewelry and design it , Although I'm not talking about the expensive ones such as gold and diamonds or rubies etc only the well priced ones So please any advices on how to start where and what items and stuff do I need ? Thank you very much


Aluminium is a metal, because it's hard, form a positive ion, an electric and heat conductor ,have a high melting point and have a shiny silver coloured
metalYou see that transition line on your periodic tablealuminum and I think Bismuth(a red liquid) don't have properties that of a non-metal:)
It is a metal although it is not in the transition metals, because it is ductile and conducts electricityOther metals that are not transition metals are lithium and gallium.
Is Aluminium A Metal
Look for a class somewhere near youLearning on your own is hit-or-miss, and will take much longer than learning from an instructorAn instructor will advise you on what basic tools you'll need to get startedAlso, a class usually provides the use of some of the more expensive tools that you probably won't want to invest in at the beginning.

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