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How to test car bulbs and connectors?

I have a 99 dodge ram 1500 the fog lights wires are just complete **** so I'm trashing them all btw the fog lights don't work is there a way to test the connectors for them and the bulbs cuz I'm not sure exactly what wrong I'm just doing it the easy way re wire everything and aftermarket switch because the stock ones indicator light doesn't even go on when I flash it so I was wondering if there was a way to test the bulb without like listening to the noise thanks


I suggest searching for your car bulbs and connectors for your 99 Dodge RAM1500 at Auto Pros USA. They will have what you are looking for in stock at VERY reasonable prices.
You can just get new/extra bulbs or you can get a multimeter and use the continuity setting. Put it on both leads of the bulb and then both leads of the connector with the switch on. The switch might be bad, so go to a junkyard or look on OKorder for a cheap one.
What noise?. by using a voltage meter and checking for the continuity .or a power probe. connecting them directly to the battery, but you would need a voltage meter. check youtube.
It sounds like your fogs are wired to the indicator lights and since your indicators dont work then that might be your problem and not the fogs or wiring. First thing to do is get your indicators to work. check your fuses and bulbs. replace as necessary. when you get them working then with your indicator lights on use a test light to check for power at the foglights connection. if there is power then your fog light bulbs are not good. if there is no power then ensure the wires are properly connected to the indicator light. As long as it is connected to the indicator light properly and there is power at the indicator light then it should work.
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