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How to you reduce an Acer laptop temperature?

I have an Acer laptop it has a hot temperature everytime.How can you reduce it?(My Acer laptop has a black color)


Buy a laptop cooler. Go for Cooler Master.
Well you can but a small venting fan to intal on it and try proping it up when in use, such as just put it at an angle or its a possible battery defect, but dont use it too much if its charging it Id recomend you keep it off while charging tho, hope it fixes your issue with it.
The exhaust fan is on the side so no problem but the other fan that takes in the air is under the laptop. So, either you buy a vending fans that are designed for the laptop or you keep the laptop one inch or so above the surface to make the computer inhaling well.
Place your laptop in such a way that air can easily pass from the bottom base. Use your laptop in a normal room temperature place. Available accessories like cooling pad will help to reduce your laptop temperature considerably.

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