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Husband fired for no reason, can he collect?

My husband basically feels that he was fired under false accusations. They accused him of falsifying documents but never explained what documents and fired him for a loss of confidence. His company is well known (nationally) as doing this to employees all the time. Making up reasons to fire people that don't exist so they don't have to have an increase in their unemployment taxes.Anyway, they won't show him any documentation adn its already been two months. Finally, he had a hearing with unemployment but now they have a 30 days to give the company he worked for time to rebuttale.He has been looking for a job for weeks but can't find anything because of the time of year it is, and he continues to look all the time.Now he is turning to the VA for help.Should we seek and attorney? It seems like his company is going to have the last say in this to unemployment, and we REALLY need the money right now!


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