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I am Web-shopping for bedsheets and have a question -?

I am Web-shopping for replacements of my worn bedsheets In the local weather-extremes (night-time temps can span from 80 F in the Summertime to 20 F in the Wintertime - and occasionally during the Spring season, both extremes can happen within a single night!) I hope to use a single set of sheets on my bed all year-long.I prefer Cotton fibers because cotton breathes much better and stays softer than any of the artificial fabrics.Which commercial fabric-blends should work best for my needs and which Web-merchants can you please recommend?I am in Texas.Thanks.


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I LOVE 100% cotton flannel sheets Started using them in snowy winter for coziness, but find I even like them in hot and humid summer when just the sheet is enough cover without a blanket some nights Flannel seems to wick nicely and never gets that clammy feelingThere are different weights of flannel availableFor all season use - aim at a medium weightDown sides are some can shrink a bit if you use a dryer, some can get linty or pilly, and they DO seem to have a slightly shorter lifespan than the higher thread count flat cotton sheets, but I think worth it for the comfortI've had various brands over the years - more and less expensive - and think Woolrich are my favorites for long life, no pilling or shrinkageOften you can find great sale prices on them near and after the winter holidays - if you want to wait and try them on the cheapI've bought Woolrich sheets at Target - but they're likely available elsewhere too Sweet dreams! :)

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