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I hate living in the housing projects!?!?!?!?

I live in the housing projects here in Brooklyn, NYC with my motherI am so sick of living hereI don't mind the apartment but the building itself, is nasty and dirtyI'm sick of the rude, ghetto, violent people trashing the building for no reason and pissing in the elevatorsOne time,there was a row of dogshit along the second floor hallwayThat tells you how shitty this place isI'm so jealous of my friends and family, who can afford to buy and live in a houseMy parents immigrated here twenty years ago and we are still so poor, whereas some foreigners can immigrate now and easily buy themselves a house, using their money from their home countriesHonestly, I'm so depressed thinking about thisI don't want to live in the projects anymore but my mom has no choice cuz we don't have the money to move out and live somewhere better.


I see no question in your statementI do see you being frustrated at your current living situation and you want outI am glad to see that you don't blame your mother as you indicated she is doing the best she is able to do with the financial resources she hasThis should motivate you to obtain the very best education you are able to obtain, so you are able to offer any potential employer a skill they would need, and be willing to pay for your skills so you are able to improve teh quality of life for you and your motherYour education need not be in a 4 year producing school, you might consider a career school such as Devry, ATT or some other career school that would provide you with a skill where you are able to offer this skill to a potential employer or you might be able to open your own businessDon't be jealous,or envious of your friends, be happy for themPlacing yourself in this position would not put you the proper frame of mind to be successful and do what you would want to do to remove yourself from your current positionOne other thing, stay away from the bad element in your community as they would not normally be the type of friends you would want to include in your circle of friendsThere are most in your community that are good and decent peopleThey are in the same situation you are in, for a variety of reason of which they have no control, the same as you I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck FIGHT ON

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