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I have a Turkish rug to sell.?

I had been given a turkish rug from a member of my family. It's made by Gümüşsuyu however I'm finding their website hard to navigate. I just want a price to go by.It's 170x240cm and the code for it is 21720. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.


Oh dear, oh dear!19,000 euros?!No, no, no, no... I have nothing against Joe Giavanni here, but if anyone buys a Gümüşsuyu rug for that price...That's a total rip off. The companies original prices for 170x250 carpets/rugs range from 300 to 700 TL (Turkish Liras).Just use an online currency calculator to learn what it makes in euros or dollars.
Aug 23, 2017
I went on one turkish site price and that brand of rug (couldn't find your code) at the size you specified went for over 19,000 euros. Since your looking at a very expensive rug if it is in excellent condition, I think that an appraiser would come to your house and give you a fair price. Just remember that he/she will be giving you the price that they would buy it from you. Or tell them you are looking for a price to insure it at (which will be about 15-20 percent higher than you could sell it for).
Aug 23, 2017

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