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I have really dry hair, what do I do?

I wash every other day, get trims often, rarely use heat on my hair and it's still REALLY dryIt feels rough, especially at the bottoms and inside of my hair, it looks frizzy and roughIt's been like this for three yearsIt looks like crap, honestlyI'm on the verge of just saying it or shaving my headWhat do I do?


Aluminum is an alloy.and its brittle.
Learn how to style your hair in a way that will not require a lot of heatIf you have curly hair and you want it to be straight, consider a conditioning relaxer treatment so you won't have to straighten it every dayIf you have straight hair and you'd like it to be curly, the same appliesHair extensions, or weaves, offer a great alternative to over styling because you can style the weave hair all you want and not worry about damaging your natural hairBegin with a moisturising shampoo and conditionerFollow the directions on the bottle and be sure to choose one that will really heal your hair, not just coat itMany salons will recommend great products if you askAlso, some people will recommend a leave-in conditionerThese can be good, but they can also leave unnecessary build-up in the hair, so discontinue use if you get this effectMoisturise your hair and/or treat it with thermal styling spray before you style itYou can moisturise wet hairIt will actually help protect it before you blow it dryThermal styling spray sometimes has the added benefit of making your hair shine, so choose one in your price range that will accomplish what you want without drying your hair furtherThe most important step when applying moisturising cream is not to overdo itThis will lead to unnecessary build-up that will make your hair seem dull and lifelessChoose styling instruments that are ceramicThey conduct heat much better than the cheaper, old-fashioned alternativesThey may be more expensive, but they do protect hair better, and ceramic blow dryers will leave your hair looking shiny and beautiful, no matter the textureNatural curls can be enhanced by pin-curling the hair the night before and then blowing it dry so that it air dries partially and then dries with a blow dryer the rest of the wayYou can always touch the curls up with a curling iron if they don't have enough shape.

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