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I'm a coward in this situation?

My annoying neighbor is always putting there smelly trash in front of there door and I hate it because I live in the apartment across from her(yes apartment)Last time they put the box of there flat screen TV in from of there house and it was getting in the wayAfter asking tons of times to stop that I decided to take the box and put it in front of there door so they HAVE to move itAfter that I heard them saying in the hallway that i'm an ahole(They said it on the phone and didn't know that I heard it)Shortly after that They put a letter in in my mail box saying that i'm a coward and very childishAccording to them I need to move If there stuff bothers me so much.Am I really the coward here? and do I need to move? because in my point of view they have no right to say such thing in a letter instead of in my face.


I'm a little confused because you said you both live in an apartment and then they put the box in front of their house and it was in the way? Anyway, if you approached them face to face and politely asked them to stop putting smelly stuff close to your door and they didn't listen you were being matureThen when you take action yourself they put a letter in your mailbox and they call you the coward? You were the adult in the situationDont' get angry, just do what you need to do and they will get the messageLet them call you what they wantStill be polite though when you see them because that just kills people when they can't get under your skinMaybe later on they will grow up and everything will be cool (or you will just have a nasty neighbor).

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