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I'm trying to make a solar cooker any suggestion?

So I bought a tin cookie can from the craft store and mirror piecesI'm going to glue the mirror to the tin can but what kind glue or cement or what can I use that is safe for cooking food? And when I clean it will the tin rust? and the glue get in the food? I know you can use aluminum foil but I want something that lasts longer


Get a periodic tableThe number of protons is equal to the atomic number, or the number in the top left cornerAs far as you know, the number of electrons is equal to the number of protonsThe number of neutron is the atomic mass (found below atomic symbol) minus the number of protons.
how many protons,neutrons,and electrons does sulfur-23 and sulfur-25 have
Hydrogen 1 Helium 2 Lithium 3 Beryllium 4 Boron 5 Carbon 6 Nitrogen 7 Oxygen 8 Fluorine 9 Neon 10 Sodium 11 Magnesium 12 Aluminum 13 Silicon 14 Phosphorus 15 Sulfur 16 Chlorine 17 Argon18 Thats OBVIOUS
I think you are totally confusedThe mirror pieces are to be glued onto a parabolic surface, to reflect and concentrate the sunlight onto a container (a pot) with the food in itThe tin can is steel (which rusts) coated with (maybe) tinYou don't want it in contact with any liquid or moist food, just dry food like cookiesThat's why they use aluminum or stainless steel for cookpotsTalk to a scoutmaster (girl or boy) about outdoor, campfire or solar, cooking, or YOU COULD LOOK IT UP!

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