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I need a different way to cook pork chops?

I'm tired of everytime I make pork chops, they taste the same! Please give me some fresh new ideasI would love to surprise my family with something different and deliciously amazing!!


There's not nearly enough info in the question to answer this.
I take my porchops and put them together in a big sheet of aluminum foilShape the foil like a bowlThen I add 1/2 stick margerine, 1/8 cup Worstsauce, 1/8 cup A1, salt, pepper, garlic powder, minced onion, thyme, rosemary and oregeno, about 1tsp eachThen close the foil up and put it on the grill on a low flame for 45 minutes or soI serve it with corn on the cob-also cooked on the gril, and riceMy family loves it :)

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