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i need help please 6th grade work?

i need to make some sentences with these words but im too lazy if u answer one of my questions ill answer yours i guaranteed..the words are solar systemcell phonewhite washlightning rodmyselfbulldozermasterpiecelife jacketarea code wheel chaircliff hangerhour hand and rain forest


i'm sorry i dont mean to be rude or anything, but shouldn't you have at least a little trust in your kid. i'm a teenager myself and my parents put a program on my computer that saved all my msn conversations and every website i went on. I understand you probably have a good reason, and that your worried or protecting your child but really, when my parents did that i was so angry, i felt invaded and i felt like they didn't trust me at all. i get it, you want your teenager to have boundaries and stuff but putting programs on the computer to trace what they do and prevent them from going on certain things makes me really angry. no offense or anything
Polyamide resins are used to induce cure of epoxy adhesives. In other words, these are the catalysts that cause the epoxy to solidify. There are a number of them (reference 1).

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