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I need help with my costume !!?

Okay, so I need ideas for a halloween costume, and it has to be at least a little bit original, and unique. I don't want one of those store-bought costumes if you know what I mean. Okay, so, heres a description of myself:I'm 5'4 white skin, dark brown hair (almost black), blue eyes.. and yeah lol thanks for the help :)))))))))))))


Call the landlord and tell them your situation. They will probably help you out.
hen you say knit fabrics are they wool? It could be moth, and you have only noticed it once they are washed. Seemingly moth are adapting to man made fibres too. This may be just a guess, but worth considering? Or have you exposed your clothesto bleach spashes which can eaken fabric?
Sounds like the smoke detector was not wired properly. Call landlord to get him to come and fix it.
call the non emergency fire departnment number and ask them

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