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I need your help on something,?

I am baking cookies for school tomorrow, and i dont have a container nor ziplock bagsSo what can i put them in and keep them fresh?


well now a days aluminum is more widely used because they finaly figgured out how to weld itAlluminum is lighter and they are fairly cost efficentyou can get a steel bike from 20-100 dollars, a alluminum bike would be from 100-1500Steel is still available at the price range of 1600-2000 because there are people that still believe that it is better because it is stifferI would go with alluminum though.
Good quality steel frames are almost always more expensive than aluminumThere are a couple of reasons for this1) Aluminum is always weldedThis takes much less effort and time than a fine brazed steel unit; 2) High quality steel tubing is very expensive compared to aluminum due to the thin walls and sometimes exotic alloying materials; 3) Aluminum is one of the most common elements on the planetCommon steel alloys have harder-to-obtain elements such as molybdneum, manganese, and other rare metals4) Although many aluminums require post weld processing it takes little or no labor to complete it while a high quality steel frame responds beautifully to hand work5) A good steel frame is simply harder to find nowadaysI know that this goes beyond the scope of your question, but keep in mind that regardless of the aluminum alloy it all weighs the same; regardless of the steel alloy it all weighs the sameThe difference in weight comes from modifying the metal mixture, enabling a stronger metal and making of ever-thinner tubesKojman47 (below) is WAAY off in his interpretation of materialsThere are steel frames that rival the weight and strength of titanium which is often 1/2 the weight of aluminumThere is no such thing as cromollyThe correct name (if I may) is Chrome Molybdneum, abbreviated as CrMo, often called Chrome MolyCromoly or cromolly or cromo doesn't give proper respect to the alloy OR to the frameCrMo (cromolly in Kojmans eyes) is steel.
Must add my 2 centsSteel is not common at all anymoreFar less than 10% around my area, MichiganI think that is true anywhere in the US anywayI see far more full carbon than steel with alum being the easily the most commonSteel is a little heavier and compliant than alumAny material can make a stiff frame if designed and built wellSteel by it's nature dampens vibration more than alumI agree with mr g, it's an image to be projectedSteel old schoolI don't know why so much posing goes on in the road bike world To actually answer the question: Both can be very costlyIf we're talking about quality road frames, Alum would usually be cheaperI would say it's a matter of production quantitiesThere are tons of alum frames out there and only a hand full of steelQuality steel is a niche market now.
Do you have any aluminum foil, wax paper, or plastic wrap? If you do you can put the cookies on a plate and cover them up.

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