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I think i just broke the lock on my front door. Help?

this is going to sound stupid. i made a crude lockpick set out of a bobby pin, and tested it out on my front door.it worked, which was pretty exciting, but when i put the key in and tried to lock it, it wouldnt turn.i can still lock the deadbolt from the inside, but the outside part only works once every like 50 tries, and extremely laboriously at that.so if anyone knows what could be wrong, how to fix it, anything like that, id reeeeeally appreciate it since im not too stoked to go buy a whole new lock set.


Try . you could prob google them and find them somewhere else though. Trust me there are PLENTY of asian whitening products to try also i have sensitive easily sunburned skin and the neutrogena age shield face spf 110 sunscreen works wonders! plus just by wearing it makes my skin look lighter! BTW I hate religion AND jesus :) cheers
I'd just go shopping! Theres bound to be SOMETHING there. And if not, you can always just find some of those purple light bulbs for better effect and some clothing that would make it so it would not hurt him.

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