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I was wondering if it matters what kind of quartz crystal you use for psychic protect?

could it be just any quartz crystal?


Not everyone in the Wicca faith does (magick) (magik) (magic) etc, has visions, reads palms or auras. These things are personal to the individual where as Wicca is a religion. In Wicca the forces of nature are personified by the figures of two deities, a goddess of the Earth and Moon and her consort, a horned god whose horns or antlers were symbolic of his affinity with the beasts of the forest, rather than indicative of diabolism. The practice of Wicca takes many shapes resulting in various rituals and initiations into the group you are joining by way of study, rite and practice.
it probably has some bad energy it is holding. Try cleansing it. Hold it under running water, imagining all the bad energy being washed away. Do this for a minute or two. That should help.
Different people have affinities to different elemental energies. If a stone has an energy pattern that conflicts, it will cause discomfort. I feel discomfort if I pick up a piece of hematite, because it conflicts with my personal energy Someday I'll figure out why some people think they have to try to shoot down other peoples beliefs... Kthxbye... These stories you listed here are very sad. In my opinion the people that did these things to these children should be punished far worse than the laws of this country allow. However you can't demand that people change their beliefs based on your disbelief, or on the sick things that several dangerous psychotics chose to do to children because of their ignorance. What they did to those children was EVIL. What we, as practitioners of positive types of magic do is not. but to attack people like us because we believe things that you don't is wrong.
Hello Mica, Why does a clear quartz hurt to hold? If you yourself are very sensitive to energy, then the 'burn' that you feel may be the vibrations of the crystal's energy that are not compatible with your personal energy. Let's first look at what quartz *is* and some of it's properties. Quartz is one of the most common minerals on earth, and can form in raw stones, or beautiful crystals in a variety of colors. The colors themselves are caused by chemicals that are within the structure of the crystal. Also each crystal of quartz or quartz material, always has a hexagonal lattice. *Lattice* meaning the building blocks of the crystal itself. This is why it's crystals naturally form into six-sided pieces. Also quartz also has a quality called piezoelectricity. This very long word simply means that there are free positively charges electrons that are contained within the crystal that are released when pressure or heat is applied, or influenced by an electo-magnetic field. This is where I will remind everyone that the human body has it's own natural electro-magnetic field emmanating from the crown of the head. This is why we have a crown of hair that circles in a pattern on the top of our heads. Now magickally quartz is associated with the energies of the Sun. The quartz crystal is a battery, it can absorb and release energy. It can also amplify this energy. I first recommend that you cleanse the stone itself by soaking it in a mixture of water and salt. This will neutralize any past energies absorbed by the stone. Then after centering and grounding yourself (look it up in any basic craft book; I recommend Wicca for Beginners by Thea Sabin), try feeling the energy of the crystal again. If it feels as if it still 'burns' then I recommend using a different crystal. I hope that this helps you out. Blessed Be.
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