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Ideas and suggestions to visit Yosemite in January 2009?

I will take my parents who are in their 80'sThey are in good shape but they don't swim, fish, nor skiI am open to any suggestions or ideas about things they can do to enjoy their visitThank you.


The primary draw of Yosemite NP is the scenery and there's ample to be had in the Valley, which will be the only place you can get to in the dead of winter by car anywayWhen we were there in January my family and I walked to Yosemite Falls from Yosemite Lodge which is paved and only icy once we reached the fallsNo one but us continued across the bridge and down a trail that led back to the roadThe next day it began to snow and we hiked with our umbrellas and winter gear around the Valley, crossing the Merced River, walking along the path by the nearly empty road and had lunch near the Valley StoreAfter lunch we hiked to the Ahwahnee hotel and then went into the woods on a trail that led through the deserted Upper Pines campground where we finally picked up the free shuttle and returned to the lodgeLater we took the bus to the visitor center, museum, and Miwok Village and rode the bus to Camp Curry where we found the restaurant closed for private use and the ice skating rink closed due to the snow, and the bus took over half an hour and we got a bit coldWe finally had dinner at the buffet restaurant across from the lodgeOvernight it snowed more and we had to use tire chains in the morningOn the way home we stopped at the snow play area near Crane Flat which is down a long ice covered road and offers only a trailhead for x-country skiers and no snow play areaOnce we left the park the road had been plowed and we could take off our tire chainsFor some reason the roads inside the park aren't plowed, sanded and salted like the rest of the roads in the Sierra?

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