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Ideas for a kitchen safety poster?

I apparently have to make one, which is stupid.What topics could I use and what could I draw?


it incredibly is going to be incredibly unique in some people's workouts and activities; on the extra uncomplicated persons use, the concepts would be extremely widespread and usual (albeit call type products) considering the fact that commonplace approaches are hammered out each and on a daily basis with the only version being advancements and updates interior the protection application and protection products. incredibly I even have not come throughout the time of any new techniques however the utilities advance on a similar time as incredibly a lot doing the comparable issues. this might seem stupid in spite of the indisputable fact that it incredibly is an occasion i'll apply besides (as i'm no protection expert). If laptop viruses initiate floating down from entrails or growing to be from crop circles to hit upon their way into our computers, that surely could be very alien. that isn't going on, a minimum of I even have not heard of it!

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