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in california, are cold air intakes illegal?

i‘ve been told it was before, but people are saying its ok, but i just thought only performance intakes were legal. also are there any restrictions on throttle bodies and throttle body speacers?


While 6 years ago that may have been the case, due to California's emission standards, if you are looking to put an AM Cold air intake system in your car, definitely check the website. It should say whether they are legal in California or not.
The air intake is part of the emissions system. It is illegal to modify the emissions system, so it is entirely possible that the cold air intake is illegal in California.
No, Cold Air Intakes are legal as well as Short Ram Intakes. Some may not pass smog though. An excellent brand to get is AEM as all their intakes are legal and will pass smog. KN is good too but not all their Intakes are legal meaning they won't pass smog. The only really illegal ones here in Cali are the at home ones built from pipe off Ebay and whatever air filter could be found. I'm actually running a AEM SRI in my car which is legal and will pass smog as AEM tests their intakes and stamps them with a C.A.R.B. EO number after testing them and proving they can pass emissions.

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