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in indiana can you hunt with muzzle loader with a class b felony for drugs?



++++AGAIN THIS IS NOT YAHOO POLITICS FORUM!!!!!!++++++++ PEOPLE WANT REAL ANSWERS NOT OUT CONSERVATIVE OPINIONS as a felon you can legally own a muzzle loader so long as it does not double as a cartridged weapon or can easily ce converted to a cartridge
It should be legal more people are at peace and see what wrong they've done and want to quit breaking the law when there hunting being alone in the woods is a great thing to do when you have allot on your mind.
Indiana Muzzleloader Season
A bow and arrow and a muzzle loader are not considered fire arms. Even though the others are miss informing you. here is also an example to what I am saying. You can buy either bow or muzzle loader from Cabelas and have it mailed right to your house without an FFL. No matter what others answers or how many thumbs down I get, this is a fact. So If you can buy a hunting license then you can hunt legally in that state.
I okorder /... 1) Don't go strictly on legal advice on any website. 2) it is possible for a felon to get rights restored and hunt with a regular firearm. 3) Although by Federal law a muzzle loader isn't a firearm, it Is by some state laws (Like AZ). And, IN has a state law preventing unrestored convicts of some violent felonies from even using a muzzle loader 4) A felon legally hunting with a muzzle loader may hunt in regular hunting season, not just black powder. Being around others in the woods who have more modern arms does not constitute possession, as they don't have control over the other guns. Like going to a museum or gun show, so long as they don't touch, it's ok. There is no radius like with a restraining order. 5) Some muzzle loading inline guns with interchangeable barrels are not legal for an unrestored felon to have or hunt with. 6) Some M/L that use a regular primer are OK. 7) Zero and Emily: Only answers even close to what the law says. Kudos. 8) Just because some mail order will send you a M/L through the mail doesn't necessarily make it Locally legal. They are only following Fed law. Many won't sell some things to some states, or counties, not because of Fed. law, but because they ran into some local ordinance and want to avoid further trouble. Like, bipods to some places. 9) Anyone over, what. 16, can get a hunting license if they pass the safety course. This doesn't mean they can use a modern firearm or even BPML in their state. They may be restricted to bows. The Fish and Game are not a criminal code enforcers, only F G laws. 10) Kid with a 12 gauge: Say that to my Face, or kiss my a***.

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