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install a female blade connector?

I purchased a new horn to install on my 1996 Honda Civic. The first step is to Cut the existing connector off the wire running to the horn and install a female blade connector to the wire. How do you install the connector on the wire? I see where the blade part plugs into the horn mechanism, but the other end is a flat O shape. Do I stick the wire through it and crimp it somehow or do I need to solder? (I hope not since I don't have a soldering gun.) Unfortunately the directions have no pictures of how the car wiring attaches to the connector :( Thanks for any info.


Trim the wire coating back a little bit (make the wire bare) slide in the barrel end of the connector and crimp it on. The flat O shape is most likely an eyelet which is for the grounding circuit. - Good Luck!
the o shape wire is the ground wire for the horn. you need a connector with the blade part on it and the other end is cylindrical so the wire goes in it and then crimp it on

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