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installing cement board/hardibacker?

i'm replacing the old wall in my tub with hardibacker. can i screw it on the tub lip? coz the instructions said that it should be screwed or nailed 3/8quot; from the eges.


The edge requirement is just so that you hit deadwood on the outside to keep it from flexing. So that the tile won't come loose later on. just screw it close to the bottom on the stud.
Just give loving the 10 points and take his advice. Steven Wolf
I would say not really - since every screw hole is now a weak point and they form a really good fracture line. In the case where the material willhave some structural support along the screw hole line it's probably fine.
Don't place it over the lip. Your cement board, or greenboard for that matter, should rest on top of the lip. Then you fill in the gap with thinset and mesh tape. That way the wall doesn't bulge out at the bottom on all three sides making the tiling harder to do.

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