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Interesting things I can do when I'm bored?

I am about to die of boredness.I can't go anywhere besides where I am now (my house) or the backyard.I want interesting, creative, different thing I can do, things where I can use my imagination.I know you must be thinking I don't have much of an imagination when I'm looking it up on here, but I want to hear your suggestions.Please don't suggest things like 'Take a walk, read a book, play some computer games, etc.' They are so annoyingI would prefer it if your suggestions didn't have anything to do with the computer, because I don't wanna stay on the computer for long.Do not say anything inapropriate, for I am probably not nearly as old as you are.


try using solar lights if it gets lot of sun, or push on light that run on battery'sGet CD player that works on battery'sGo check out a pool supply store or hardware store I'm sure if u use ur imagination u can find something usefulGood Luck

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