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Is BG Quick Clean a safe additive to engine oil?

Can you please share your experience about usage and results. I‘m planning to use it to see if it fixes a rough engine on cold start. Usage instructions would also be helpful. The car is a 1999 Camry 4 cylinder with 67000 miles on it.


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WHAT? I cant believe you asked such a question. And a Toyota with only 67,000 miles having a hard time starting; oh this is too good to be true! How about trying a complete tune up with O2 sens, timing belt waterpump replacement and oil change first. Then see how you're car starts up cold. Either that or u have a bad engine. My 1988 cadillac starts up smooth after 19 1/2 yrs of cold starting 150,000 miles. so you shouldnt be having such an issue; especially with a Toyota. I mean Camrys are supposed to be better than any car made right?
BG makes some of the Best Additives for automotive use. I use the BG44k fuel treatment for cars that have been sitting for a while. It really does help clean out the fuel systems. the engine oil treatment is great if you have clogged oil ports but I don't think it will resolve you rough idle on cold start. You most likely need to have a tune up on it. Possible you have a bad wire or plug. you need to have the fuel and ignition system checked for the rough idle at cold start issue. oil is not your problem.
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