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Is binding necessary for quilt making?

I just need to knowAlso how is fiber used to make material? Random question


You canThe wax paper my brown/burn on the exposed areasThe wax will melt and may effect the flavor of the cookie to some degree.
NO~ wax paper will BURN in the oven.i use parchment paper .if u dont have any n no tinfoil.ask a neighbour but DONT use wax paper ud' be better off using NOTHING than wax paper~
Binding is just one way to finish a raw edgeThere are other waysFibers are spun into thread, threads are twisted together to make bigger threads or yarn, and threads or yarn can be knitted or woven into material.
The melting point of wax is about 150FUse your imagination for what will happen after the wax meltsI'll give you hint: fire
try just oil on a baking sheet no wax paper

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