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is it better to rebuilt or re manufacture a transmission?

about how much does it cost for either? we have a 95 Pontiac grand am and the transmission is going bad.


A remanufactured transmission is defenitely better but the price is higher than a rebuilt transmission. Price for a rebuilt transmission varies from state to state and it also depends on the location and the shop u take it to. Here in california in the Los Angeles area it would cost from $1,000 to maybe $1,200 dollars installed, with 1 year or 12,000 mile warranty. On the other hand a remanufactured transmission would cost from about $1,200 to $1,400 dollars plus installation (which is about $200 to $300 dollars) with a 3 year or 75,000 mile warranty.
I totally agree with the other guys concerning a used transmission from a good auto re-cycling yard. The trouble with re-building your own transmission is you're at the mercy of the doctor doing the work. Some are very highly talented and others may slap in only enough parts to get you going again. Re-manufactured transmissions sold by Joe Sh*t the Rag Man parts stores may not be there to back up a very short warranty issue. You never know if the internals are the best parts out there. Remember this: These transmissions are mass-produced with the least expensive parts and who knows who made the parts or more importantly where they came from. There is a very good third choice. Go to your Pontiac Buick or Chevrolet dealer and ask what a replacement GM re-manufactured transmission would cost. It'll have a great warranty and the final price will be actually lower than hiring someone to split yours apart, replace bad parts with up-dated parts and get you going again. The independent guy cant match GM's warranty. My sister had her Grand Prix trans. repaired by an independant and it wound up costing her $1,430.00 more than if the local Chevrolet dealer did it, (our Pontiac dealer as in the process of being sold).
No, it happens too much by accident. I wonder - do you think the police would come if you told them a car alarm was going off?
When I live in California, I never even look, but here in New Mexico I would. I can not think the last time I heard an alarm go off here if I ever heard one here.
Aint true. I used to own two transmission shops. Remanufactured and rebuilt is the same thing. There are hard parts and soft parts in an automatic transmissions. The soft parts, seals, gaskets, O rings, clutches and such are always replaced in a reman. But the hard parts that are within tolerance are used again and again. You are basicially relying on the skill of the builder. You likely have no choice though as the warranty probably states that the dealer can do whatever they want to get you going including a used transmission.

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