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Is it feasible to own an electric car and have a solar powered garage to charge the battery bank? Costs?

Depending on the price I would like to have a second battery bank to charge at home while driving on the other bank.Thoughts?


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Possible but probably not economically feasible. It takes twice as much energy to charge a battery as a battery holds and solar photo-voltaics are currently around the $8 a watt range. Even if your electric vehicle only had a 1/5th of the range of a comparable gas car and that an electric vehicle is 90% efficient compared with the 25% efficiency of a gasoline car and only using half the range of the car per day, you're still talking about 20 KWh and if you assume that you have 8 hours of decent sunshine to work with that means 2,500 KW worth of Solar Panels or $20,000 just for the panels. Since batteries are the major part of the cost of an electric vehicle, you're probably talking about $60,000 to have an electric vehicle, two sets of batteries, the solar panels and the control circuitry to charge them daily. The difference between that and an economical fuel efficient gasoline car pays for an awful lot of gas.
Feasible yes. Economically feasible no. That's why only Democrats support the idea.
I plug a 20 w panel into my cig. lighter. It keeps the alternator from turning when I drive, even with the radio on and has paid for itself many times over when I leave the lights on; plug it in and wait half an hour instead of calling a tow truck. $25 for the panel
Electric cars have about 22 batteries in series. Good luck on swapping charged ones for dead ones. The idea of solar power is easy but would cost at least $35,000 for a small 2 watt system that could charge your car AND power your house. With a 2 watt service, about 18 panels @ 180 watts each, you could keep your annual costs down to $500 or less. I have a 2 watt on my roof and my power bill this year so far is under $100 and I have air conditioning and live in the desert. I also rep for a solar company and can get you a great deal on a solar system, plus you'll get govt discounts and tax credit advantages and so on. A friend of mine has perfected a magnetic box with opposing magnets that when coupled with a 100 watt alternator will re-charge your batteries while you drive and totally recharge the who bank overnight or while you're at work. Talk about eternal power for pennies. It's not only feasible, and possible, but some people are already doing it. You can convert your gas guzzler to an electric engine for about $8,000 and a battery pack will run you a couple of thousands. So, instead of spending $25,000 on a car and $30,000 on solar just convert your car to electric and get a solar system. My friend is redesigning his box for home power use. He will be offering a package for homes where you employ these magnetic boxes and tie them inline with a windmill or other alternative energies. You need wind for the foggy or overcast days and at night. Yes, VERY feasible. I AM Dartagnon

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