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Is It harmful to play drop D/C Tuning on a guitar?

Do I need Special strings or can I use the ones I use when i Play in standard?can the guitar be harmed if u tune down and up all the time?


I'm almost positive you're not using an acoustic but yeah, if you're using an acoustic it can be harmful doing that, especially doing it fastIt can cause the strings to pop right out because the tension on the bridge and the machine heads is changing so fast and in return this can cause your neck to warp and your bridge to slowly fall apartI'm not sure if this applies with electric guitarsprobably not unless you have really light strings but for electric it's way better to have thicker stringsI don't really go by actual gauge size but if I tuned that low all the time I'd get medium strings or heavy stringsIt's not harmful at allIn fact, having thicker strings makes it harder to break the stringsBut be aware they might pop out a lot at first when you first put them inThat happened to a friend of mine when he switched from extra lights to heavy'sAnd heavier will probably rattle a lot at first but then get better.

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