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Is It Legal For One to Look at someones Criminal Record (civilian) and mail findings in blanket email at work?

A friend at work had some negative info on his criminal record that is available to the public. Another co-worker found this information and attached his findings to an email and sent it out as a blanket email to all of the other co-workers. Is this legal since it was a public record? or is it illegal?


I have a tough time sleeping since my auto accident. So once I get to sleep - waking me can be an ordeal. It begins with my cell phone and 3 alarms 5 min. apart. The radio blares an annoying alarm 10 min. after that. And finally, another alarm across the room chimes in, so I have to get up to stop the racket. I'm a bit grumpy by the time I snarl my way to stop the last alarm. lol You couldn't call me a 'morning person.'
save yourself the headache and just install an inline vent on the washing machine standpipe. It will work the same as a vent that goes out the roof, only without having to cut a hole in the roof. Cost, about $20. I top of stand pipe, vent here I24 pipe min I I I I tee here with P-trap Istand pipe up, 18 min I drain hose in this pipe I Idown to sewer. tee can be swung to either side, drawing just shows locations. A studor vent will work fine just don't buy the cheap one. All piping and fittings are 2. Since my drawing looks totally wrong when I submit it, The pipe that comes up from the floor goes to the sewer, on top of this pipe install a tee say just high enough so the p-trap will fit, out of the top of the tee, put a 36 piece of pipe, put the studor vent on the end of this pipe. The side outlet of the tee, put a 4 piece of pipe then a p-trap, the riser from the p-trap has to be a minimum of 18 but no more than 42
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