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is it ok to freeze cooked food in a container, 10 pts?

i need to cook for a week's worth and freeze it, how can i do this, what do i have to buy and what foods are not OK to freeze? 10 pts for best answer!


You can freeze almost anything without a problemThere are certain foods that aren't great when frozen, like lettuce potato (in my opinion)I don't like frozen potato as it becomes mushy crumbly, however if you mash it then freeze potato for soup, it's fineEnsure that your prepared dishes have cooled down completely before sealing freezingLeave a little space between the food the lid (for expansion) especially if you freezing soupSkim off as much excess fat as possible from soups, stews and gravies before freezingUse your spices herbs sparingly when preparing dishes for freezing for e.gblack pepper, cloves and garlic become strongerIf using fresh herbs, add them when you are going to warm up your dishWhen I freeze pasta shells, spaghetti macaroni, I partially cook the pasta as it tends to become mushy if fully cooked then frozenSo when I warm it up, the pasta shells are just perfectIf you freezing large quantities, date label your items I disagree with the previous poster regarding the freezing of chicken, you can freeze chicken, meat, pork, fish very successfullyCasseroles, stews, lasagne's etc freeze wellUse durable, clean and leak-proof containersYou'll also want to invest in a supply of freezer bags, plastic wrap, aluminum foilIf I run out of tupperware containers, I use my plastic margarine containersJust ensure that everything is sealed properly to prevent freezer burnThaw you frozen products in the fridge, reheat serveGood luck

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