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Is it true lebron dominated duncan twice Dirk and KD each in the NbA finals?

2007: Lebron James made it to the finals and owned tony parker and Tim duncan LBJ dominated them both2011- Dirk could not guard lebron at all 2012- lbj locked down KD like how kobe did in 2010. Nba finals MVP KD is not going anywhere in 2014 hes gonna loose like 2012.2013- LBJ dominated without healthy wade and an struggling bosh this goes down as his best games in history better than that guy jordan he didnt own everybody in the finals like how Lebron did. It was so funny when Tim Duncan was crying like a little bitc* in game 7 i was on the floor dying Im mostly a laker fan and i love to see this guy fail ever since 2000 i bet you every heat fan was laughing and every laker fan was biggest choke in the nba finals whichever fan cried when Spurs lost they need some kind of help Ha ha I can watch game 6 and 7 of the nba finals all dayI can warch kobe dominating the spurs in 2008 all day most recent against them.Laker fan since 2001-present heat from 2014 to now


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