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Is my apartment complex liable?

recently there has been a increase in crime in my gated communityLiterally, in one night, 4 motorcycles were stolenAll bikes were locked and there were no marks on the ground, which mean who ever stole them had like a crane or tow truck or somethingSeveral other bikes have also been stolenCars have been broken intoIn one case, this ladies car was opened some how (no forced entry, the door was still locked, and the alarm didn't go off) and since the thieves didn't find anything to steal, they just brunt her seatsMy room mate's motorcycle was one of the 4 stolen on that one night and when he told the office, they told him to lock the bike up betterThis is a gated community but there is no security guards on staff and the office told us there are no security cameras at allThey've taken no measures to beef up security eitherSo, are they liable? what could we possibly do?


No, they are not responsibleThis is why people buy comprehensive insuranceYou should also purchase renters insurance to protect your possessionsRenters insurance runs about $100 to 200 per year.

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