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Is my car going to do okay in the winter?

I drive a '91 Nissan Stanza, manual transmission, and we've never really driven it in the winter since it's been sort of a back up car, but since I turned 17, I finally am granted the privilege of having my own! The problem is, winter is coming up in Colorado, and I'm afraid it won't be able to make itthere's a steep hill right at my school in the mornings, and sometimes it may ice upand driving a manual in that situation sucks..am I going to be okay?Also, my second question is, every summer, I go up to the mountains, and there is a dirt road that's considerably steep and bumpy for about 3-4 miles, and I was wondering if this car could make it? I haven't souped it up at all..it's pretty much just in good conditionthx all


without seeing the job-but having done a lot of repairs in older houses-i can sympathise with your very real problem.the first being that the last home-owners either were unaware or were too cheap to do the job properly. there is only one solution that i would reccomendhire a licenced bonded plumber to inspect the projectwalls will probably have to be opened so be prepaired to hire a carpenter to repair the finished job. this is not a job for your local handyman-if done improperly it may cost you a lot more in the future. a TEMPORARY fix- you can use dialectric fittings-threaded one end(galv. end)-sweat joint other(copper end). i cannot stress enough that this is a band-aid fix.DO THE JOB RIGHT and save future expense headach.good luck
if its not on your property then no, you will have to get permission first. at my old house we had the hydrant ON our lawn and still got a warning when we painted it because its not technically our property

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