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Is my chair laughing at me?

The chair in the corner of the room hasn't moved in ages and I can feel it looking at me. Maybe I can invite it to a animal-balloon clown party!!


Yeah, he's the chair of princeton university is laughing at you! of course you should take him to a clown party he's a tranny!
Well of course it's looking at you, if it's been there for ages, it's missing a companion, maybe you can buy him a nice, plush pink chair with bows on the cushion. You'll see that he will be so busy he won't take notice of you. Maybe they'll even have tiny cute footstools together and you'll be a grandpa!
Chairs are quite sedentary animals. It's sulking! When was the last time you took it for a walk? Chairs are people too. Equal rights for furniture!
I don't know about the chair but I'm certainly laughing at you :P
it feels left out! you never move it! do u even sit in it anymore? huh?! you should definetly invite it to your party! it looks up to you so much! you should include it in fun things!

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