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is runescape bad for my laptop?

i have a gaming laptop with 4 gig of DDR2 ram, is runescape bad for my laptop. does runescape need a lot of memory or is runescape a game with viruses


No it has no viruses.I've been playing for 5 years and i've never had a problom with my pc and i have no anit virus. And it does take some memery for runescape hd but you can play the non hd
No, Runescape is safe. It runs sandboxed in your browser and is free from viruses. 4GBs is plenty, even many old computers can run Runescape.
My brother had a laptop and i played runescape on it. His laptops wireless internet stopped working and then it all together did. he blammed it on me for playing runescape because you have to downnload all the java stuff so im really not sure
runescape is not bad for your labtop it is a good game it wont give u viruses and it doesnt take up eney room on your labtop you dont even have to download it theres not much games like that so my anwswer for u is yes its save for your labtop and ive ben playing runescape for about 4 years and ive never got a virus but u do have to download the java stuff but it dont take up nuten so go play it i say!
yes it is very bad for your laptop. There are hackers in the game that can hack your computer and screw up your laptop. So I suggest that you stop playing runescape!

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