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Is the notebook power adapter input current greater than the original

Power adapter is broken, the Internet bought a new, what parameters are the same as the original, but the input current is different. Original is 1.6A, the new is to buy 2.4A, the other is the same, can I use it? Long-term use of the notebook there is no harm? Also, the seller sent the power cord inserted in the socket with a spark, and the spark is not small, but if you use my original line to connect to the new power supply, and then plug in the socket on the no spark, the seller said that this is because the original The power cord is copper, more expensive, he sent the cheaper, so there are sparks, and the input current than before no big relationship. I would like to ask is not like the seller said this. Thank you!


It is best to reduce the number of plug the power cord, it is recommended to use the kind of plug with a switch, run out of the computer can be directly off the plug inserted on the switch to power. Thank you! Hope can help you.
Buy goods is parallel imports. Use nothing, no original good is it
can. See if the adapter is suitable for the equipment, the following three conditions for reference: 1. The output voltage of the adapter is the same as that required by the device. 2. Is the adapter's output current consistent with the device requirements? (Or slightly larger current is also not related) 3. The size of the joint is appropriate. (If the connector is too loose, will be bad, excessive fever.) If your original adapter in the warranty time, it is recommended to bring the purchase of invoices to get after-sales service point to repair, or let the original with a new to you. Buy compatible power supply. Do not buy too cheap, generally cheap quality is not good.

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