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Is the Rug Doctor strong enough for my carpet?

Our carpet is 8 years old (because we moved here 8 years ago), severely stained to such an extent that we're ashamed to look at it, has an interesting but unappealing smell, and is all over disgusting. We live in an apartment complex and have been begging for someone to do something about this carpet, however we've just decided to clean it ourselves. There's this Rug Doctor up for rent for a small fee at our local supermarket, and I was wondering if it would do any good. I want a cleaner carpet and gosh darn it, I hope this Rug Doctor can make it one.Would the Rug Doctor work on such a carpet? I am not exaggerating when I say it is dreadful (and I mean exceptionally dreadful).How has it worked for you?


As a professional carpet cleaner I must admit I hear many people say the rug doctor does just as good a job as a professional. The people who say this however have never hired a professional. for cleaning purposes power is everything, lets look at the 3 most important numbers in carpet cleaning 1 water pressure 2 vacuum lift and 3 water temperature. the rug doctor runs at about 50 pounds water pressure 3-4 pounds of vacuum lift and the temperature is water you get out of your faucet. (the rug doctor is also designed to be a spotting machine, it was not designed to clean a whole room) A machine you can buy for your personal use runs about 60-70 pounds of water pressure 5-6 pounds of vacuum lift, most are also limited to the temperature you get out of you faucet however many of the better ones do have heaters in them. A proffesional grade portable carpet cleaner runs between 75-120 pounds of water pressure, with 7-10 pounds of vacuum lift and most will have a heater in them that heats the water to about 150 F A truck mount carpet cleaning machine however typically runs at 500 pounds of water pressure, with 15 pounds of vacuum lift and heats the water to almost 200 F. If the truck mount also uses a rotary cleaning machine it will make the equivalent of over 300 passes per minute compared to 10 -15 passes with other types of machines. Also you want to take into consideration experience, as you may have guessed I'm a proffesional carpet cleaner I clean over 1000 houses a year. You may have cleaned you carpets 2-3 times a year like in all things experience counts. For the best results I suggest you call a professional cleaner, preferably one with a truck mount machine and a rotary cleaner As an incentive to get your landlord to pay for the carpet cleaning you can point out a landlord can claim carpet cleaning on his taxes
Aug 23, 2017
Use the productd from the rug doctor range. That way you will not get tons of soap foam and no real cleaning and products that are for other use may well cause damage to you carpet.
Aug 23, 2017
it sounds ok but i would call a company and have a expert to take care of this carpet it can be really bad you will only lose money renting this machine.
Aug 23, 2017
its cheaper to do yourself.. worth a try the rug doctor rents cheap
Aug 23, 2017

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