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Is there a chance that Palestinians will try fully non-violent civil disobedience?

Can there be a Palestinian Ghandhi, Thoreau, ML King? Perhaps starting with Christian Palestinians? Or based on the Islam means peace theory?I guarantee it would work much much better than throwing rocks, or shooting rockets, especially towards influencing Jews in other countries. Of course, it would take a while to overcome the memories of the last 60 years of violence. I would give it 3 years to really make a dent.


the will be some delay if the frequency travel by hp therefore by the way it has reach the other hp, the frequency will experience miss match and it will not work.
whoaa, realy? first time hear about this, yeah maybe it's work, because both the phone and car remote use waves, maybe the waves of the car remote can be transmitted through the phone, what i'm babbling about anyway thanks for the info, i'll do the experiment next time
Even if you were a nerd, it's all in your own head. You need to have a self-confident (not cocky, though) attitude of my happiness will not be determined by others. Basically, I am guessing that you find it awkward to approach girls because you either don't know what to say or you fear rejection. If you are not sure what to say, think of what you would like a girl to say to you if it were the other way around. Basically, any remark will do, so long as it sort of fits the situation (e.g. what do you think of this teacher, I hated that last test, didn't I see you at that movie last Friday and so on). This takes some working up to, though (it's easier said than done). My suggestion is to practice making these sorts of opening remarks to girls who you DON'T find attractive first (this will be much easier). Then, when you have worked up your confidence, go for the ones you would like. If you fear rejection, then ask yourself what is the worst thing that will happen to me? Just because one girl doesn't want to talk to you is not going to be the end of the world, nor does it imply anything about the kind of guy you are. One person's opinion shouldn't shatter the belief that you have in yourself. Anyway, I kind of rambled on there for a bit sorry about that. I hope this sort of answers your question.
The technology exists. However, it needs to be rrfined. The mobile phones need to be designed for the job - transferring radio waves, infra-red, blue-tooth or HF sound, just as it is now transferring normal audio and video waves. At present, no such mobile phones are available commercially. Maybe the CIA have it, or the research labs
you know why it isnt possible? coz, the signal from your car keys, is NOT like the handphone signal.. coz, if this is true, then, i am very sure that this is the latest tech and should be commercialize

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