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Is there a way to clean the tarnish off a silver ring?

I have had this ring for awhile, and hear lately it has been turning my finger greenThe only way I keep it from doing so is, I put clear fingernail poilsh around the insideIs there a way to clean the green off?


in a shallow bowl place a piece of aluminum foil that is about 4 inches square (size of foil doesn't really matter, but its the size I always use).add 2 heaping tablespoons of baking soda in the middle and lay the ring in the soda.fold the foil over the ring (not a tight wrap) and add enough warm water to cover.let it soak for 2 hours and then remove the ring.take a soft cloth and rub off any tarnish.if you can not get into some of the places use a soft tooth brush.repeat if needed
do not put more than an inch of water in the bottom pan, I also put my springform pan on a rack as well as wrapping it.
Ooh, I hate it when that happens! Next time, use the heavy-duty aluminum foil instead of the regular stuff, and use a second sheet of foil placed cross-wise over the first.
the cheesecake in reality needs to be cooked in a MOIST OVENThat water bath stuff is for the birds! What I have done is put a aluminum pan full of water on the rack directly below the rack that holds your cheesecakeThe oven is moist from the water, and I don't have to have a temper tantrum from having water seep into my cheesecake; and the cheesecake doesn't crack.
no, a regular cake pan would not work as wellBesides the fact that the sides aren't large enough, you couldn't get it out of the pan easily for a nice presentationWhenever MY cheesecakes leak, it's because I didn't have the sides perfectly aligned with the bottom when I put it together:) That's happened enough, so that even when it doesn't call for a water bath, I always put them on a baking sheet:)

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